Outdoor Services are set to start on July 19 at 10 AM.  Please expect there to be glitches as this will be our first attempt.  If, after the 1st service, you have gracious constructive suggestions please contact the church office.  Carefully read the information on the website.  Here are a few reminders:

Songs will be published and ready for download by Saturday noon.

If you are planning to remain in your vehicle, arrive by 9:45.  At 9:45 the parking lot will be closed to vehicles.  If you are sitting on the lawn, bring your own chair or blanket.  

The radio transmitter frequency for the service is 89.1 FM.  It will work in the church yard but not much further.  

Children have the first priority on using the picnic tables.  

In the event of rain, we may still be able to continue via the FM transmitters.