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Big Bad Bishop BrunchWarning - this news article expired on 2019-03-31. Information may no longer be accurate or applicable with Bishop Cliff Fletcher

This past Sunday I was with the Rustle FM Church family (in Kingston). This church plant is having to plan for a second service soon, as they are outgrowing their space. The worship was authentic and engaging, they took time to speak out prayer requests and then pray. We ate! They called the eating part the “Big Bad Bishop’s Brunch”! Let me give you one snapshot as to why Pastor Todd and this church family is thriving in one of Canada’s most financially challenged neighborhoods. Pastor Todd made an announcement that I have never made or heard in all my years of pastoral ministry – right after the announcement about brunch after service he said, “Ok so who is going to volunteer to go out right after service, to invite people in – just walk around and ask anyone you see to join us for food. We have so much…” Two hands went up right away. Thank you Rustle for accepting responsibility for your community.