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Corona Updates

Pine Grove Blog - Corona Updates

We will keep this page up-to-date with protocol for Pine Grove and also good news stories of encouragement and messages from the leadership team.  Please check regularly.  Sunday Services are available online by clicking here

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Worshiping Together This Sunday


Yes, there will be "church" on Sunday - from the comfort of your own home.  I have made my first attempt at producing a YouTube video message and there will be a guest worship leader making her debut, you won't want to miss her! On the church homepage (www.pgcc.ca) you will see a tab called SUNDAY WORSHIP.  There you will find links for each Sunday during the closure.  The videos will be available beginning at 9 am on Sunday Mornings.  This week's message is entitled "1 Covid Chronicles - Lots of Hope!"  Text: Romans 12:9-13.

Later on in the week we will be holding a Live Zoom Prayer Gathering Online.  Date and time to be announced.  

See you tomorrow!

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Kathryn Wyborn 2 months ago
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A couple of weeks ago Pastor Dan spoke about getting out of the boat,(our comfort zone really) Its not easy I know from experience Thank you Pastor Dan for doing just that today. Your love for your congregation is expressed so well by the words you do and say. Thank you for encouraging us, praying for us and loving us like you do. If we step out of our boats Jesus will take our hand and help us. It is my prayer that we pray to our heavenly Father and ask Him what he wants us to do to serve Him during these difficult times. "The Only Bible Some People Will Ever Need is Your Life in Action"Love you all..Kathryn💞🙏Thank you Everleigh for your song. You are such a blessing.
Kathryn Wyborn 2 months ago
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Pastor Dan : I held the phone so Gerda could hear your message. She said that she was so happy to hear your comforting words. She says to send her love to all of her Pine Grove family. Blessings with Love: Gerda💞
Sue Davies 2 months ago
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Thank you so very much pastor Dan for stepping out of your comfort zone, for having the courage to try new things and for sharing your message of hope with us today! Everly, your singing was so beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing your message in song that Jesus Loves Me!The thoughts and questions that came up for me from your message pastor Dan were the following:The battle belongs to the Lord!How do I live out my faith and have the zeal in doing so? How can I demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit while being at home? I pray that I can be mindful of what I can do to encourage and help out whether it is in a big or in a small way.I pray that I can be kind, generous and faithful through all of this. I pray that I can share God's love with people, especially those who have lost hope and who may be having negative emotions.I pray that I can continue to give God all of the glory and that He use me to be his vessel in the storm.
Kathryn Wyborn 2 months ago
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Pastor Dan: A Message from BelleI am touched and blessed by your encouraging and prayerful message today, filled with Love and Hope for our Pine Grove Family. You are why, with the Lord's help, such a wonderful blessing to our church. I pray our loving God will keep you healthy and safe so you can continue to serve God and our community.Much Love and Many Blessings Belle