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Discover Joy Conf

Experience Joy Weekend With Dr. Grant & Kathy Mullen - March 29 - 31   REGISTER HERE

Dr. Grant Mullen is a retired mental health physician from Grimsby, Ontario who has a passion to see Christians discover joy through being transformed mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Kathy is a prayer minister who has spent years exposing and removing the root causes of joylessness. They are the authors of Emotionally Free and over 20 teaching DVDs.


Would you like to have more joy? 
Would you like your joy to be independent of circumstances? 
Would you like your joy to be contagious?

I know, that sounds impossible. Your circumstances aren’t ideal. Your relationships aren’t what you want them be. You just don’t have a joyful personality, so trying to show joy would be fake. You’re probably thinking that if God wanted you to be joyful, he’d fix all the problems in your life. You don’t see that happening any time soon, so why pretend to be joyful?

I understand how you feel. I’ve been a joy deficient person most of my life. I think it left when I was a teenager and I’ve struggled with the whole idea of joy ever since. To me it was a desirable concept that sounded great but rarely a personal experience.

Through my years as a mental health physician, I observed the many issues that robbed joy from people. I was also able to walk many to recovery, so they could discover joy, usually for the first time in their lives. Kathy is a prayer minister and she has spent years exposing and removing the root causes of joylessness.

At the Discover Joy weekend, you will uncover the joy stealers in your life. You will understand how mental, spiritual and emotional issues rob your joy and affect how you think, feel and relate to others. You will learn the Change How You Think, three step pathway to resolve those issues and experience the joy you’ve always wanted. Don’t stay stuck!

Don’t settle for less than God’s best for you. REGISTER NOW and join us at the Discover Joy weekend.