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Church is Not Cancelled by Rev. Jared Siebert, Director of Church Planting FMCiC

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Sue Davies 1 year ago
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I just spend a beautiful hour in prayer via zoom with a number of my church family! I was absolutely blessed with the time that I spend with God! What a personal conversation I had with Him! Thank you pastor Dan for leading us through Adoration, Confession,Thanksgiving and Supplication! It was a great way to pray and it gave me direction. I am so grateful for technology and for the time that we were able to spend in prayer. It was wonderful to see many beautiful, smiling faces online.I believe that there will be many more prayer nights - so I encourage all of you who are reading this to take time out and be a part of this prayer time. It would be wonderful to see more of you take part- even if you just listen and don't pray.I was richly blessed! I look forward to the next one and to continuing to build my relationship with my Heavenly Father!
Heather Cross 1 year ago
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What an amazing time we had last evening! Via Zoom using computers, ipads, telephones, nearly 20 members of the Church met with Pastor Dan and Ann for an hour of praise and petitions. We gathered in the presence of our awesome God and we were thankful, we were humbled, we were inspired, we lifted up the petitions of our friends and family, our province and country, our neighbours around the world. We are so blessed that we can fall to our knees in prayer rather than fall apart. We need to do more of this. We need to expand on this. God has given us the instructions and he has given us the technology to continue always to be in His presence and gathered together as the body of Christ.