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From Dave Bass

Thank you for your message today.  It reinforced my evening worship time in that the themes of our prayers should go beyond our own needs  allowing us to enter into a union with God regarding many thoughts

.….here I am Lord…..send me……Here I am Lord… worship you in Spirit and Truth

…….our proclamation of belief in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

…….our thanksgiving for the gifts given to us this day (i.e. our daily bread)

…….proclamation of our sinfulness and our sincere request for the forgiveness of our sins

…….our prayer of thanksgiving…..recognizing the truth and the characteristics of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, all of which bring joy, hope, salvation, truth, guidance, fellowship, and so much more.

…….our request for the physical and spiritual healing of others “may Your mighty hand of healing Lord God be upon those we know" (stating this phrase for each individual I know who have ailments.  Also a general prayer for those who are suffering from the virus, etc. who I do not know.

...….our request for the indwelling of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit into the hearts of our love ones who do not presently worship God

..…..our prayer that God will bless our relatives, our friends, our neighbours, people throughout the world and this country Canada

..….prayer for the protection of God’s missionaries, pastors and laymen who preach God’s gospel

.…..our prayer that a multitude of new believers will come to worship God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit this day and that these new believers will join with God’s remnants of believers found throughout the world.

.…..proclamation of the truth that is God the Father, Jesus, God’s son and the Holy Spirit”””"bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name””””" (also bless Jesus, bless the Holy Spirit)

……asking God to bless my dear wife Shirley, to keep Shirley in His holy care, to give Shirley good health and to one day welcome Shirley into His kingdom to spend eternity with God Almighty, with Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit

……asking God that His will with be done in my life, that I may walk along His path of rightness, and that I may one day enter into God’s kingdom and spend eternity with God Almighty, with Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit 

.…..asking God to give me insight into rendering an improved spiritual prayer time

.…..The Lord’s Prayer.

Again, I thank you for your words this day.


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