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Isolating isn't uncommon in the senior population.  Yes, many who are isolating now did have the freedom to come, go and socialize but they are still often forgotten and lonely living in forced isolation.  I am a hugging pastor for those who want hugs.  Seniors and particularly those who live alone crave healthy touch and they are the majority on a Sunday morning with their arms reaching out for that Pastor-Hug.  Those who live alone and are practicing social distancing through isolation are at low risk for contracting the covid-19 virus but they are at higher risk of experiencing emotional trauma due to lack of social interaction.  Let's be pro-active at preventing an epidemic of mental health issues for those who are isolating alone.  Under 60's crowd at Pine Grove, this is a chance for you to step-up-to-the-plate.  I have created a program I am calling -- "Hugs from a Distance".  I challenge children, youth and young adults to adopt someone who is isolating and care for them during this pandemic.  

How will you do this?  Once you signup on our website, you will be assigned someone who is alone and isolating.  It will be your responsibility to connect with them via letters, phone calls, emails or facetime depending on their level of technical confidence and your preferences.  You will be provided all the information that you need.  Children can draw pictures, colour pictures or write notes.  You can be as creative as you wish without going inside their homes.  Let's not let one vulnerable isolated senior be forgotten.  

Romans 12:13 "Share with God's people who are in need"

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Sue Davies 1 year ago
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This is the perfect time for all of us to be "the church" and to show our love to others. This will be so important, especially now that people will not have the chance to come into our physical building. Let's be THE CHURCH and show the love of Jesus Christ through us!
Heather Cross 1 year ago
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We are so blessed at this time to know God. So many do not. It is difficult for us. I can only imagine the fear and anxiety for those without faith. Prayerfully, they will find their way to their Saviour in the days ahead and come to know our Awesome God who loves them.
Cassandra revelle 1 year ago
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Yesterday Pastor Dan introduced Hug from a Distance. We immediately asked for 3 members to connect with.This morning Matt and I introduced the Hug from a Distance to the kids and they were so excited. After listening to Alanna's conversation with her member it made me realize what an amazing program this is. The relationships that can come from this bad situation could be amazing for the young and old of our church. The lessons it will teach our children is amazing.I just wanted to share how excited our kids were and what a great thing hug from a distance could be. (we have 3 letters ready for the mail )