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Pastor Dan

This is the first time that I have blogged.  I'm not certain of the etiquette but as we say often at Pine Grove - "no rules". I was in the grocery store on my way home from the church.  By habit, I took a cart and then realized that I only needed milk.  I put the cart back and took a basket to which a person standing nearby said, "You won't even need that.  There is nothing left". I said, "I see lots of food". I looked around the grocery store and saw an abundant supply of food.  Ok, some of the shelves were empty.  There was not much fresh meat but there were lots of hotdogs and ham.  I needed ketchup but there was no Heinz so I bought the store brand.  There was no 1% milk; I bought 2%.  I have everything I need and more.

Selfishness and greed can be the order of the day.  Let's not make it the order of our day. Let's be thankful for everything that we receive or don't receive.  Let's shine into the dark places.  I get the feeling that this pandemic may bring out the worst in many whose goal is to survive in comfort.  My goal is to survive.  It is a time for saying "thank you" to places like stores that are remaining open and to their employees who are putting themselves at risk.  Thank everyone you can to promote and encourage generosity.  Pine Grove, let your light shine before all people that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:16)

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Sandra Kenny-Veech 1 year ago
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As some of you may know, I just returned from Cuba- but not "resort" Cuba... real Cuba. I stayed in a lovely rental casa, with a family that has come to be very dear to me. They, having access to tourist money are relatively well off. Many others of my friends are not as well off.I attended the local church, and passed many hours at the homes of my friends. I shopped locally, and to say our shelves here are "bare" is a pale statement in comparison to Cuba right now. No matter how much money you have there, you cannot buy toilet paper, toothpaste or even chicken. Other years have not been this bad, but some chaotic convergence of events has caused extreme shortages there this year. Canned goods such as sardines or tuna are on the shelves, but a cost of $2 there when the average monthly income means that only those with tips from the tourist industry can possibly afford them... There is basic food there. My rural friends have fruit from their trees, fresh fish and shrimp, garden veggies direct from the farm.... some true blessings that they don't take for granted. It had been a long time since they experienced abundance, and yet they worship with joy and share generously with me.Anyone saying our shelves are bare or worried about the lack of TP can rest assured that before long Canada will be back to our usual abundance of everything... So many have less than us.Be thankful.
Sue Davies 1 year ago
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My prayer is that we come together globally, that we reach out and help one another. Just like the ice storm of '98 brought people together, that developed community, that brought families closer together, that had people help out in whatever way they could - now is a great time to show people that we care. Let's think about how we can make a difference. Let's come together not only as a church but as a community, as a city, as a country and show the love of Jesus! It may bring one person to the Lord -a chance to know Jesus - and wouldn't that be a wonderful thing!