This is the page where you will find the most current information.


Protocols for First Phase of Outdoor Worship Services

1.  You will have two seating options. You can sit in your own lawn chair that you have brought from home or you can sit in your car. The PG radio frequency will be available on FM radio.
2.  You need to sit in family units with each unit being a minimum of 6 feet apart. Example: Ann and I can sit beside each other and Donna and Terry can sit beside each other but as couples we need to be at least 6 feet apart. 
3. You will have to mingle from a distance. Send smiles, waves and air hugs. If we have guests I will make sure they are appropriately welcomed. If someone is too close for your comfort, smile at them and politely ask them to step back.
4.  Masks are mandatory inside the building. 
5.  Always do good handwashing; bring your hand sanitizer. It just makes sense.  
6.  Children go directly to their program upon arrival.
    The Nursery aged children will use the Nursery.  
    The JAM children will gather on the west side of the church with sanitized tables.
    The children do not have to wear masks.
7.  Bring water to prevent dehydration; sorry but no garbage can or recycling will be available.
8.  In this phase, there will be no sheets of paper handed out. We will put the words to the songs on the internet so you can download them each week. We will sing joyfully but not lustily
Folks, as you all know the Province of Ontario is pulling the reins tight this time and we want to support them. I do believe and hope with all my being that we are nearing the end of the pandemic.  We just need to endure a little longer. Hopefully by mid July, restrictions will loosen as more and more people are being vaccinated. We can do this!!!