1. Why can we not hold the society meeting in the church since we have the setup that we do?
    1. The setup for each Sunday Morning is only possible because of volunteers who have received in-house training of pandemic protocols.  It is not as easy as unlocking the door and turning the light switches on.
    2. Every week the church is sanitized with a special spray in preparation for Sunday Mornings.  To hold a Monday Society Meeting at the church would require that both worship centres and washrooms be sanitized after church and then again on Tuesday morning.  The volunteer ministry hours and responsibility are increased during the pandemic.
    3. Quorum is another reason.  In order for a valid vote there needs to be a quorum of members that is equal to 50% plus one of the total membership.  With covid-19 concerns there is a higher than normal chance that we would not reach quorum and everyone who attended would be sent home and then we would have to go to an online option.
    4. Members with compromised immune systems finding it unsafe to attend church, will not attend as well with the possibility of snow and bad weather and those not feeling safe traveling - all members will have the opportunity to exercise their privilege of voting.


  1. If the meeting is via YouTube we will not have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss issues.
    1. You cannot enter into group discussions in the church.  The use of shared microphones is not an option.  During Sunday Worship we have the congregation remain seated and minimal activity at the front so as to not spread any potential viruses.  The pastor is only allowed to speak without a mask on Sunday’s because he remains within a confined space on the platform while maintaining a minimum of 10 feet from the congregation.  You will notice that the Pastor sits in his chair around 10:15 and only moves if absolutely required.
    2. You will receive a package prior to the Society Meeting.  If you have questions, you will be able to ask them directly to the person responsible and hopefully we will be able to share the Q&A in a forum such as Facebook, website or email.
    3. The Nominating Committee which was chosen by the Society to act on its behalf for the presentation of a slate of Board Members has spent time in prayer, healthy debate and discernment in presenting a slate of nominees to you.  As was encouraged by the Bishop in 2019, the number of names and the number of vacant positions should be equal.  Each year the question is asked, “then why are we voting?  Is it not an acclamation?”.  The Society must approve each of the nominees by secret ballot vote.  If a nominee does not receive at 50% plus 1 of the cast votes, s/he will not be elected.  This is rarely the case because of the prayerful scrutiny in presenting names for nominees.  Since 2019 it has been the practice of the Nominating Committee to interview every new potential Board Member before putting their name on the slate of nominations.
    4. The voting will be scrutinized by two board appointed tellers who are members in good standing at Pine Grove and are not board members or appear on the ballot.


  1. If the Society Meeting is on YouTube how will we know if we reached quorum?
    1. Attendance will be determined by the number of votes cast.  The online voting system will only allow a person to vote once and those who use paper ballots will receive only one ballot. For example, if we had a membership of 100 people and 49 ballots are cast we do not have a quorum; if 51 are cast quorum has been reached.
    2. This is similar to the method for determining quorum as used for Free Methodist General Conference this past fall.


  1. Can we not use a platform such as Zoom that would allow participation?
    1. During the pandemic the use of Zoom has not been popular with folks at Pine Grove except when there are small groups of people meeting.
    2. The General Conference used Zoom.  It was very cumbersome and required much organization and preplanning.  We do not have the staff to run our Society Meeting using Zoom.


  1. Are there benefits to the YouTube option?
    1. Everyone will be safe
    2. The probability of quorum is much higher.
      1. This will allow votes to take place and the Board will be able to continue to lead the church through the pandemic without being side-tracked by having to re-plan the Society Meeting.
    3. The detailed information will be outlined in your packages making it possible for the YouTube presentation/meeting to go public.  This is not going to be a typical Society Meeting; you have to trust the leadership in this decision.  Let’s let the world know what God is doing at Pine Grove.
    4. The average number of hits for the YouTube Sunday services was over 150 (March to September).  This possibly represents hundreds of individuals.  This may be the largest Society Meeting we will ever have and what a great way to tell people about the church.
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