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Servies Resume February 21, 2021
Pine Grove is re-opening their doors on February 21st at 10:30 following covid-19 protocols in place prior to lockdown.  There will be  two worship ...Full Story
Saturday, February 20
Thanksgiving Service
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Friday, October 9
We Are Ready
Outdoor Services are set to start on July 19 at 10 AM.  Please expect there to be glitches as this will be our first attempt.  If, after the 1st ...Full Story
Thursday, July 16

Youtube Service Click Here

Sunday Morning Worship @ Pine Grove

10:30 AM


Because of growing numbers of people returning to Sunday Worship, we have created a third Worship Centre which is for children ages 4 - 12 who will go directly to Worship Centre 3 located in the Fellowship Room of the parsonage.


Worship Centre 1 (Sanctuary) - Max 50 people

We encourage all parents with children ages 3 and under to gather in Worship Centre 1 and take advantage of the adjacent staffed nursery.  Worship Centre 1 fills quickly.  Once the maximum of 50 people has been reached, Worship Centre 1 will not be an option.

The older children will worship in Worship Centre 3 at 10:30 without going to Worship Centre 1.

Worship Centre 2 (Fellowship Hall) - Max 50 People

It may be difficult to conceive but it will be one service in two places.  Both services will be live and interactive.  We are doing everything we can to make worship as authentic and inspiring given the covid-19 restrictions.  

Here are a few important details

Upon entering the building, you must go directly to your seat.  There can be no visiting or waiting in the foyer or at the entrances.

You may choose a Worship Centre to attend but there can be no moving between the services.  The following week you can switch if you like.  

Worship Centre 1 will enter and exit via the main doors.  You will receive a personal escort to you seat where you will remain until the end of the service when you are systematically escorted out of the building.

 Worship Centre 1 folks may only go into the foyer to use the washroom or the nursery.

Worship Centre 2 will enter and exit through the back doors.  If there are small children in Worship Centre 2, you will be allowed to use the nursery.  But for now, please make every effort to be in Worship Centre 1.

Hand sanitizing, full-face masking and social distancing is not optional.   You have the option of attending the YouTube service online.  If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with covid-19 positive individuals or anyone who has been out of country, please self-isolate and attend the service on YouTube.

The radio transmitter is in place and will broadcast on FM 89.5 in the parking lot.

There is a team of Host Volunteers who have been trained to assist you and to keep you safe. Carefully listen to their instructions. 

If you have questions or need clarity, contact the Pastor and he will direct you to the appropriate person to whom you should speak.