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Connection Groups are vital to Spiritual Growth and Discipleship.  Connection Groups are a small group ministry of 8 - 10 people gathering weekly in various locations to connect with each other through fellowship, to connect with God through Bible Study and Prayer and to connect with the community around them in evangelism and outreach.

*** Connection Groups were replaced with Online Studies through Covid19.  Startup will be staggered ***

Tuesday Afternoon

At the home of Marilyn Dwyre in Lansdowne.  A Connection Group for Ladies Only.  This group is studying Francis Chan's book "Letters to the Church"

Wednesday Evening

At the home of Bill and Stacey Heikamp in Lansdowne.  This group is studying The Old Testament book of Malachi. They meet at 6:30 every Wednesday Evening.

Friday Afternoon 

At the Church with Gail McCullough.  This group is studying the book of Acts, meeting every Friday at 1 pm at Pine Grove

Every other Sunday

At the home of Mina Ryce in Kingston Mills.  This group studies a variety of topics.  They meet in the afternoon on Sundays.  For information on which Sunday, contact the church or Mina.


Radical Mentoring for Men

This is a closed group with a start date and an end date.  The 2019/2020 group is established and a new group will start next year.  For more information on Radical Mentoring go to or connect with Pastor Dan @ 


The Youth of Pine Grove is both a youth program and a Connection Group.  They meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 @ Pine Grove in the Youth Loft.  They are led by Jordan Ruby, Allyson Kenny,  and Jesse Lloyd.