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Rev. Daniel Massey

Pastor Daniel MasseyPastor Dan Massey UE BRE was raised in Rockport, Ontario and attended Secondary School in Gananoque. At the early age of 10 he committed himself to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pastor Dan was a Programmer/Analyst by profession for 13 years and sensed a calling into the ministry in the early 90's. He has since earned a Bachelor of Religious Education Degree in Pastoral Studies with Honours from Master’s College and Seminary and was ordained by the Free Methodist Church in Canada in 2000.

He came to Pine Grove with a 21 year history of fruitful ministry at the North Grenville Community Church in Kemptville, Ontario where he was also a Debt Freedom Coach/Chaplain and Chaplain of the Beth Donovan Hospice. He and his wife Ann were married in the old church at Pine Grove in 1985.

In addition to serving as Lead Pastor at Pine Grove, Pastor Dan works one day a week as the Eastern Ontario Regional Coach for the Free Methodist Church in Canada.  He has served on MEGaP (Ministerial Education, Guidance and Appointments Committee), as a Network Leader for Pastors, the Database Administrator for the FMCiC Director of Personnel and a member of the Leadership Development Ministry Team for the Free Methodist Church in Canada.  His passion is to support and encourage the next generation of pastors.  He is pleased to be working closely with our Lay Minister, Jordan Ruby.

Pastor Dan and Ann are the proud parents of two adult sons Jared (Jaclyn) and Evan. Jared and Jaclyn live in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island where he is a carpenter and she is a teacher attending Cornerstone Baptist Church. Evan lives in Rockport where he too is a carpenter/cabinet maker and musician. The Massey family tree continues with 4 grandchildren Hudson, Beckham, Westin and Juliet.

Pastor Dan's rule of ministry is People First.  Do you need spiritual care, a listening ear, a place to be heard, prayer?  Pastor Dan's office is a place where you are welcome to be.