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Healthy Churches
Nominating Committee is an elected group who is only responsible to prayerfully find Board members each year. In the past Nominating Committee was ...Full Story
Wednesday, May 22
Health Churches
Who evaluates the Board? Great question! I mean, the board in a healthy church is elected to prayerfully ask 3 important questions: Do we ...Full Story
Wednesday, May 22
Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre
Pine Grove is pleased to announce that the crib was filled with articles for the Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre.  Formula, receiving blankets, infant ...Full Story
Tuesday, April 30

Pine Grove Community Church

Free Methodist Church In Canada

Our congregation does not consider other members as friends, they're family. Pine Grove is dedicated in spreading the word of Jesus Christ through prayer,  worship, community involvement and active ministries. 


At Pine Grove, we offer more then just a seat in the pew on Sunday mornings. We offer ministries for all ages and groups to strengthen our church family's connection and have a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ . Learn. Connect. Listen.



Pastor Dan Massey was raised in Rockport, Ontario and attended Secondary School in Gananoque. At the early age of 10 he committed himself to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ ... MORE

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