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Radical Mentoring is a program designed by Regi Campbell for men.  The methodology is laid out in his book Mentoring Like Jesus, available through    This group consists of men who applied to be part of a 9 month intense mentoring journey with the Pastor.  The group is small and is now closed to new members until the next session in 2022-2023.  

Radical Mentoring groups sign a wife approved covenant requiring each man to actively participate in a monthly meeting. Between meetings each man has to read a book, write a one page report on the book (this is called a net-out), reflect on two passages of scripture and journal how God speaks to them, do a pre-assigned character building exercise and to attend every meeting being ready to meet with God and brothers in Christ in an open and safe environment.  

If you are ready to be or become a sold-out Christ-follower and man of God, speak to the pastor about participating in the next session.  For more information on Radical Mentoring checkout their website at 

Radical Mentoring Application (CONFIDENTIAL)




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